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Vegan Eyeshadow Brush


This amazingly soft Eyeshadow brush is made from Vegan fibers. We supply this brush with bamboo handles because bamboo grows 25 times faster than other wood types, making it a sustainable choice. Add to your cart now to start enjoying Olga's Organics Eyeshadows to their true potential. Do NOT pass this up!


Customer Reviews

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Emily Jenkins
Great quality

I need to play with the brush a bit still to get a handle of how to use it best at different angles, but the quality of the brush and feel of the bristles are lovely! Loving everything I’ve tried from Olga’s Organics and the customer service is spectacular.

Diana Uding
Love this brush!

I have used A LOT of eye shadow brushes through the years and this is by far the best brush. It is so soft. It feels great and applies Olga's eye shadows perfectly.

Christie Sharon

Soft and user friendly👍

Great brush

This brush is wonderful, very soft and full for good coverage. Not the greatest for small detail work like lining, but I still make it work. Would definitely recommend.

Amazingly soft is right

Using this brush for the eye shadows makes them glide on effortlessly. It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and eyes. Love the bamboo handle and the price. I agree with another reviewer in that you can rotate the brush to apply eye shadows with the wide or the smaller end. Definitely a brush everyone needs to buy.

Very soft & easy to use!

This vegan brush reminds me of the Luxie 207 eye brush! Except, Olga's has a better price & better quality. Very easy to use & you can rotate the brush to apply with the wide end or the smaller end. I would recommend getting this brush for eyeshadow!

So soft!!

I love the way this brush applied Olga’s eyeshadow to my lids. It’s very soft and didn’t irritate my eyes. Applies shadow evenly and not too heavy! This is a great new addition to my makeup bag. Highly recommend purchasing this brush along with the shadows :)

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