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meet olga, our founder

Learn more about Olga and her clean beauty journey. Did you know her first organic makeup recipe was created way back in 2013?

why organic?

Keep scrolling to discover why making organic products and supporting organic agriculture is so important to Olga and her team.

for our soils

healthier planet

Organic farming not only improves the quality of our soil, it also has the capacity to preserve our lands through proper stewardship. At Olga's Organics, we are passionate about supporting the farmers who strive to nurture their lands. 

for our bodies

healthier bodies

Studies have shown that concentrations of a wide range of antioxidants were found to be substantially higher in organic crops. These compounds have previously been linked to a reduced risk of chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative diseases, and certain cancers.

for our water

cleaner water

By definition, organic plants are not genetically modified. Why does this matter? Because they are grown without the use of harmful chemicals that have been linked to endocrine disruption, cancer, and even chemicals that are impossible to filter out of our water supply. 

real organic makeup, founded in 2016

Here's Olga at the Carbondale, Colorado Farmers Market in 2016 offering her first two products of Organic Face Powder, and Organic Body Whips.

OK I’ve tried a lot of beauty products but I am literally obsessed with this Revive face oil. Only been using it for about a week now. I had a small red blotchy area on my upper cheek that has been there for about two years. Within five days it was gone. My neck looks younger. I’ve had several compliments on my skin in the last few days. Not super oily, easy dropper application, and absorbs quickly. Will probably last a long time also since you only use a couple of drops. Couldn’t recommend enough!

Jennie - Organic Face Oil

My son had a severe case of eczema and tried MULTIPLE traditional, dermatologist recommended creams/lotions as well as several natural or organic creams/lotions. Most of them irritated his skin more and the rest just didn’t make a difference. When I found Olga’s body whip unscented and had my son try it, it helped his skin heal and was soothing for him. We order it regularly. I am thankful to have found the product!

Melanie - Organic Body Whip

I am amazed at the performance of this product. It leaves no color on by medium dark skin complexion and there is no break through of oil on my skin. Even under the hot 🌞. It out performed the talc similar product. I am in love with it and is now open to try other products regardless of the 1 month shipping for Canada. Thanls for making this wonderful product.

Maureen - Organic Face Powder

I love everything about this powder! It looks great on my skin and I feel good knowing the ingredients is pure and healthy. I will continue to purchase Olga's products :)

Jen - Organic Face Powder

I love the way the makeup remover makes my skin feel. I follow this with the rose water and oil; beautiful feeling and lovely texture to my skin follows. I highly recommended all three!!!

Mary - Organic Makeup Remover

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