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organic perfume

Don't be #greenwashed by other companies when you search for "organic perfume". Olga's Organics provides you with certified organic perfume because that is what you deserve: trust, transparency, and perfume straight from nature, not a lab.

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Coming all the way from a small country called Moldova, Olga moved to the United States of America when she was just sixteen. Back in Moldova, Olga's grandmother was a renown chef; and just like Grandma Liuba, Olga loves making recipes and sharing with loved ones. In fact, that is how Olga's Organics started. Back in 2013, Olga went looking for truly organic makeup and beauty products and could not find them, not even in the health stores. So she set out to make her own clean recipes of makeup and body care. After years of perfecting her formulations, they are now available for you too. Click below to read more about Olga and her company.

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Nutrients aren't just for your mouth,

Your Skin Eats Too

Did you know up to 70 percent of everything you put on your skin gets absorbed right into your blood stream. That is why Olga set out to formulate the first and only organic makeup back in 2013. Like that hungry and beautiful mouth of yours (at least ours is always hungry 😂), your skin needs to eat too. Make sure you are feeding it the best nature has around. We'll make sure it is always available for you and your gorgeous skin.

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