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Article: The Incredible Benefits of Organic Essential Oils and What They Are!

The Incredible Benefits of Organic Essential Oils and What They Are! - Olga's Organics

The Incredible Benefits of Organic Essential Oils and What They Are!

Essential oils have gotten a lot of attention in recent years and we couldn’t be happier.

Essential oils have incredibly healing benefits for both the mind and the skin, and many natural skin care companies now include essential oils in their formulations in place of nasty synthetic fragrance or other chemical ingredients that not only provide no long-term benefit for your skin but may put your health at risk too.

Essential oils provide gorgeous, natural scents that can actually have a profound effect on your senses from calming a frazzled mind to uplifting you when you need energy.

However, you may be a little confused as to what exactly essential oils really are. You know they’re oils, but where do they come from? And should you be just as cautious when purchasing essential oils as you are with your skin care products.

In this article we’ll explain a little more and hopefully all your answers will be answered once you get to the end!

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are plant oils that are highly concentrated and derived from the stems, roots, leaves or flowers of a plant. The type of oil will depend on which part of the plant it is extracted from, for example rose oil is extracted from the petals, whereas ginger oil comes from the root.


They are extracted from the plant in two different ways, either through steam distillation or cold-press methods to help maintain the oil’s nutrients and the delicate aroma of typically bitter oils such as citrus oils.

Essential oils also differ in color from clear to dark amber, again depending on the type of oil.

Not all oils are created equal

Of course, just like your skincare products and even the foods you purchase at the grocery store, not all essential oils are organic and natural and, in fact, some are diluted with synthetics and cannot be trusted. When purchasing an essential oil you want to be sure it’s in its purest form so you can reap the full benefits. Always be sure to look for the USDA organic label on the bottle, which means that the essential oil is 100% plant based and free from all synthetic ingredients.

You may also notice that there are different grades of essential oils, but the only one you need to look for are Grade A oils. This class of essential oils means they are therapeutic oils (not food grade) produced with only naturally grown plants and extracted via steam distillation or cold-press methods.

Factors that take into account how and when the plant is harvested, whether or not it’s organic, where the plant is grown, soil type and so on, all determine if an essential oil is of therapeutic quality, in other words classified as a Grade A oil.

Therapeutic effects of all natural, organic essential oils

The therapeutic benefits of essential oils are endless and quite remarkable. It all comes down to the type of oil you choose depending on the desired effect you are after.

While synthetic perfumes may smell great, because they are formulated with synthetic fragrance, they provide no real mood benefits. In addition, whenever you see the ingredient perfume or fragrance in a product, this one ingredient can contain up to 100 different chemicals. Fragrance/perfume is considered a trade secret; therefore, companies don’t have to release the full list of ingredients it contains.

On the other hand, one whiff of an essential oil can completely transform your mood. Of course, you have to make sure you are sniffing or applying only an all-natural, undiluted, and organic oil, free from synthetic ingredients.

Some of our favorite essential oils include lavender as it aids in sleep and will leave you feeling calm and as if you’re floating on air. Peppermint helps us to focus when we’re struggling to concentrate and citrus oils like orange or grapefruit can uplift the senses and create a feeling of inner joy. Grounding scents like rosemary are great for meditation and relaxation, and frankincense is one of the most sacred oils for spirituality.


A BIG Announcement!

Here at Olga’s Organics, we are simply bursting with excitement, because we will be releasing our very own Essential Oils Perfume - Summer of 2020. Our perfume will be formulated with USDA Organic Certified and 100% plant-based oils to not only leave you smelling fresh and sensual, but they will help to uplift your senses and boost your mood, so you’ll feel wonderful all day long!

Here is a little sneak peek at the names of the perfumes as well as their scent profiles:

We hope you are excited about our new products coming up and this blog has helped to clear up any questions that you had about essential oils. If anything is still unclear please let us know, we love hearing from you and will always answer your questions to the best of our abilities!


         Customer Testimonial for our USDA Organic Whipped Body Butter:

11/12/2018 by Kyla G.

Excellent body butter for a growing pregnant belly

I am product sustainability analyst by profession, so only a handful of beauty products make it past my critical review and into my bathroom. Olga's Whipped Body Butter is one of them. With an EWG rating of 1 and pure USDA organic ingredients, this product gets my sustainability seal of approval. Plus, it works! (Which can't always be said for natural beauty products)

My sister first introduced me to the butter a few years ago. By nature of any body butter with shea butter & coconut oil, it's a bit greasier than your typical lotion which deterred me at first. It wasn't until I got pregnant that I realized the magic of this body butter. I've been rubbing it on my growing breasts and belly routinely for last 5 months at night. It has been a lifesaver. I have very sensitive skin tends to hive. My belly has only gotten itchier as I stretch, and the body butter is the only thing that soothes it and has been keep my tummy elastic. Though I still have a lot of growing to do, I have not seen any stretch marks appear yet (fingers crossed!) I plan to continue to use the body butter throughout the remainder of the pregnancy and into postpartum.

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