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Organic Face Powder | Translucent


With Olga's Organics Loose Face Powder, you know what is in your makeup. It includes the finest organic ingredients in the USA. The "heavenly smell", and smooth and even application is what sets Olga's Organics Loose Face Powder apart. Add to your cart now and start experiencing the true powers of our USDA Organic Certified small batch Loose Face Powder. We are also proud to let you know that our powder is the 1st USDA Organic Certified powder in the USA.

Product weight 0.35oz - 10.00g

Please see our Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep ranking in the top right corner of our cover image. All of our products are ranked 1-2 which is the best possible ranking a company could get. To check out our profile on EWG click here.

Shade Compatibility

      Translucent - Compatible with all skin tones from the light and fair to dark. If you are uncertain which shade to pick, this one is your safest bet.

      Light - Compatible with light to fair skin tones.

      Medium - Compatible with fair to medium dark skin tones. This powder can also be used as a bronzer on lighter skin tones.

      • After moisturizing add on the face and neck
      • Please be sure to let the moisturizer fully absorb into the skin - otherwise the powder may not apply evenly onto the skin
      • Best if used interchangeably with our Vegan Kabuki Brush

            Arrowroot Flour*, Cacao Powder*, Cinnamon*, Nutmeg*, Bentonite Clay, Ginger*, Lavender Essential Oil*, and a proprietary blend of Non GMO Vitamin(s) and USDA Organic Oils - at least 95% USDA Organic or above. (VEGAN)

            *USDA Certified Organic Ingredient.

            Ingredient Benefits
            • Arrowroot Flour: Makes skin silkier and smoother by enabling it to absorb moisture. Rich source of Folates and Vitamins A and C
            • Cacao: Includes vitamins C and Magnesium that protect the skin and keep it hydrated
            • Cinnamon: The anti-bacterial properties enhance and fight skin dryness
            • Nutmeg: A natural astringent which provides relief with skin blemishes and acne
            • Ginger: Contains around 40 antioxidant compounds that protect against aging
            • Bentonite Clay: Causes accelerated healing and nourishment to the skin



            Customer Reviews

            Based on 52 reviews
            Keeps the shine at bay!

            I am not much of a powder person because they usually look cakey or feel dirty, but I LOVE this powder. It feels so clean and light and smells wonderful. It doesn’t look like I have any makeup on, but rather, just gives a smooth, non-shiny overall look. I got the translucent powder and just put it on my T-zone where I have the most shine. I love it! 💗 Now I just wish Olga’s would make an organic full coverage concealer!

            Organic Face Powder

            Love this face powder. So good to know you are using a non-toxic product on your face. The powder has a nice scent, not overwhelming, great coverage and feels so good on your skin. I would definitely recommend this product.

            Organic Face Powder | Translucent

            Awesome. I really love the organic face powder soo much. At first, once received, i thought it should had a little caramel color added because of my complexion but after applying to my face it was divine and melts right in my skin like a new born baby very natural, smooth and beautiful. Face powder smells very nice.
            I was searching for a replacement for months since my original organic translucent base (caramel) face powder i used for years was sold out on websites and in stores and was no longer available.
            The natural FACE BRUSH is an AWESOME and perfect ideal match and use tor the awesome face powder your company sells.
            I RATE BOTH ITEMS 100 STARS!!!!!!


            Organic Face Powder | Translucent

            Olga's Organics Translucent Loose Face Powder

            This powder is fantastic. I wasn't sure what shade to get initially, so I went with the translucent. I may get one with some tint to it next time, but even though it seems to be too light and give a whiteish color at first, the translucent still blends soon after application. It feels smooth and light, and it holds. I like this better than the tinted moisturizers I was using. Also, Brian, the co-owner, was incredibly helpful and supportive during the ordering process, going ahead and expediting it to me without asking or charging and shared some great info about the products. I mentioned that I was curious about giving some samples to some family members I'd be visiting, and though they don't currently have samples, he gave me valuable info on other products he recommended based on my family's needs and offered to have them return any of the products they trialed that didn't work for them. I have a niece who will be turning 13 soon and have been wanting to find organic products for her - Brian and Olga will be having a beginner's kit coming out soon that seems like will be perfect for her! I've been very happy so far with the Translucent Powder and will be trying others in the future. Thank you Brian and Olga!

            Frequent Buyer

            I love this product and will continue buying it for a lonnnng time! The translucent powder has a very light tint to it. It makes the impurities on my skin blend better. It also smells great. My skin has not broken out once since using it!

            New Favorite

            I’ve been working on skipping foundation to improve my skin, but find I’m not comfortable without a little something. This powder does the job and more - it makes my skin look nice without being heavy and it doesn’t sit in my recently forming forehead lines like most powders do. The fact that it’s a cleaner product makes this the perfect fit. Try this out - you won’t regret it.


            I love how light it feels. It smells wonderful!!

            Great Product and Service

            Love the translucent powder, make my skin feels soft and does not make it dry.
            the smell it is very nice. I will buy again for sure!!!

            Great mattifying powder

            This powder not only smells great, but it keeps my makeup in place & matte all day. I can have it on for 10 hours and have ZERO oils coming through. Other powders & products blend nicely on top as well.

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