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Organic Whipped Body Butter - Fresh Mint
Organic Whipped Body Butter - Fresh Mint
Organic Whipped Body Butter - Fresh Mint
Organic Whipped Body Butter - Fresh Mint

Organic Whipped Body Butter - Fresh Mint

Give yourself a luxurious treat with our incredible organic butter. Whipped to perfection, to allow your skin to truly indulge in the goodness of these super nutritious ingredients.  Our butter will melt into your skin and leave it soft and flawless.

Unlike regular lotion that can contain up to 90% water, our formula does not contain any water at all, so a little butter will go a long way. Plus you get more bang for your buck, who wants to pay for water anyways?

Our butters are so versatile, they can be used all over your body, during pregnancy*, on your face, on your hair as a mask, as a shaving cream, to heal sunburns, treat eczema and dermatitis**. Enjoy this butter as a healing super food for your skin.

Read our all 5 star reviews below to find out why our customers are raving about our Organic Whipped Body Butters.

* Lavender, Orange Dream, Unscented, Grapefruit Lavender are safe during pregnancy.
**This statement is based on customer reviews which reflect personal views and experiences. Olga’s Organics does not make any claims to treat or cure eczema or dermatitis.

Product weight 3oz - 85.04g

Please see our Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep ranking in the top right corner of our cover image. All of our products are ranked 1-2 which is the best possible ranking a company could get. To check out our profile on EWG click here.

    Sweet Orange essential oil can help with colds, colic, dermatitis, digestive system, heartburn, tissue repair and wrinkles.
    Lavender essential oil can help with acne, allergies, burns (cell renewal), indigestion, insomnia, minimizes scarring and stretch marks.
    Rosemary essential oil has antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities that make it beneficial in efforts to eliminate eczema, dermatitis, oily skin, and acne.
    Grapefruit essential oil can help with cellulite, depression, digestion, fatigue, jet lag, liver problems, migraines and stress.
    Peppermint essential oil can help with arthritis, digestive difficulties, colic, headaches, heartburn and indigestion.

    • Shea Butter: Stimulates the production of collagen that prevents premature wrinkles and facial lines
    • Coconut Oil: Great skin moisturizer and natural sun screen
    • Jojoba Oil: Is an anti-inflammatory agent, soothing irritated skin 
    • Sunflower Oil: Excellent source of beta-carotene and Vitamin A, which makes the skin less sensitive to sun 
    • Arrowroot Flour: Light and soft powder that enables the butter to absorb into your skin

    Raw/Unrefined Shea Butter*, Coconut Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Sunflower Oil*, Arrowroot Flour*, and a proprietary blend of Non GMO Vitamin(s) and USDA Organic Essential Oil(s)
    *USDA Certified Organic Ingredient
    VEGAN product
    At least 95% USDA Organic

    • All over body after a shower or bath
    • Excellent for back rubs due to the therapeutic essential oils
    • Extra healing for sunburns
    • Use as a hair mask
    • Or a shaving cream
    • A little butter goes a long way
    • After application allow it to absorb into the skin for a few minutes
    • Great for shaving
    • Due to the nature of the product, the product may melt in the summer months
    • Keep at room temperature away from sun exposure
    • If product fully melted, place in the refrigerator for a few hours, then bring to room temperature
    • Melting of the butter does not affect the product quality

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Awesome Products, Especially Good for Winter

    I have been using both the mint body scrub and mint body butter; both smell incredibly good! The body butter in particular melts into a moisturizing oil that keeps your skin soft while absorbing quickly so there’s not a leftover slippery feeling on your skin (like with most lotions).

    Excellent body butter for a growing pregnant belly

    I am product sustainability analyst by profession, so only a handful of beauty products make it past my critical review and into my bathroom. Olga's Whipped Body Butter is one of them. With an EWG rating of 1 and pure USDA organic ingredients, this product gets my sustainability seal of approval. Plus it works! (Which can't always be said for natural beauty products)

    My sister first introduced me to the butter a few years ago. By nature of any body butter with shea butter & coconut oil, it's a bit greasier than your typical lotion which deterred me at first. It wasn't until I got pregnant that I realized the magic of this body butter. I've been rubbing it on my growing breasts and belly routinely for last 5 months at night. It has been a lifesaver. I have very sensitive skin that has a tendency to hive. My belly has only gotten itchier as I stretch and the body butter is the only thing that soothes it and has been keep my tummy elastic. Though I still have a lot of growing to do, I have not seen any stretch marks appear yet (fingers crossed!) I plan to continue to use the body butter throughout the remainder of the pregnancy and into postpartum.

    It makes my skin feel so soft!

    I love how it moisturizes my skin but just wish I can really smell the grapefruit and lavender, very faint.

    Hello Hannah, so sorry to hear you are not totally in love with our butter. Unlike conventional body care, that is typically scented with perfume or fragrance, we exclusively use only USDA Organic Essential Oils derived from plants. Unfortunately fragrance as an ingredient can contain up to 100 different chemicals, and the scent is much stronger compared to the gentle aroma of essential oils. Thank you for giving us a try, and rethinking your beauty routine!
    Body scrub

    You accidentally sent me rosemary body scrub instead of the body butter, but I loved the body scrub! It left me skin smelling wonderful and it felt incredibly soft!

    So sorry about the mix up. Sent you a private message to check in.
    Wonderful Product

    This body butter is very moisturizing without being greasy. A little bit really does go a long way.


    I love everything about the organic Fresh Mint Whipped Body Butter. How it smells so refreshing and energizing, how it’s so light and creamy to the touch, and how it’s amazingly melty when applied onto the skin, and how my skin feels so soft and moisturized. So far the fresh mint is my favorite. And I love using it as my face cream as it also helps to releave my cluster headaches. However, be careful when using the fresh mint body butter around the eyes, if you are sensitive to peppermint. As mentioned above, I enjoy the fresh mint scent a lot and it has been my favorite so far. But I also look forward to trying out other scented body butters after I’m done with this one. In my opinion you cannot go wrong with Olga’s USDA organic body butter!!!

    Great product

    So happy with my organic body butter!

    Fresh Mint is a Heavenly Scent

    I absolutely LOVE this body butter. Made with clean ingredients AND it smells amazing! Win win! It is a small container but a little bit goes a long way. Mine lasted for months! I will be buying over and over again. Love this product!

    Organic Moisture Dream

    My package of goodies arrived in Sydney, Australia intact and the body butter had not melted. It smelt divine! The rich texture applied easily on my body and kept it moisturised. Effective. I am very impressed with the natural plant goodness that it brings to my skin. You only need to apply a little, so thus tub will last me. I also love the packaging! Highly recommend this.

    Best Organic Body Butter

    When you repurchase a product to give it to someone you love and you want that person to have the best, in my opinion means it is an amazing product. I fell in love with Olga’s organic body butter. First of all it smells divine without the synthetic fragrance type scent. It feels sooo good to apply it to the skin. It is smooth, not fatty at all, and is absorbed quickly leaving your skin feeling hydrated and velvety soft for hours. Absolutely love it and bought it for my mom because it’s that good.