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Organic Makeup Remover


What other Makeup Remover can actually help your lashes GROW? Olga's can!

With Olga's Organic Makeup Remover, you know exactly what's in your bottle: Witch Hazel, Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, and Castor Oil; ALL Plant-Based and ALL Organic. Olga formulated this unique product specifically by testing different mixtures to find the perfect balance. Get yours today and start nurturing your skin instead of damaging it.


Daily use of our makeup remover will help your eyelash growth/strength due to the beautiful Organic Castor Oil Ingredient. Castor Oil is considered a super food for your eyelashes. 

Ingredients: Pythonissam Corylus (Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel)*, Olea Europaea (Olive Oil)*, Olea Helianthus (Sunflower Oil)*, Olea Ricinus (Castor Oil)*. *USDA Certified Organic Ingredient. 

Note: Due to the completely organic/natural nature of this product, best to use within 6 months from opening. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Amanda R

I have been using the makeup remover for a couple weeks now and my lashes have grown so much. I have already had amazing lashes now they look like I’m wearing fake ones. I get asked everyday if they are fake. Awesome products!!

Nikki S.
I love Olga Organics!!

Olga’s face powder is my favorite and I’ve repurchased several times! I love supporting small business and Olga’s Organics is one of my favorite to shop! I can’t wait to try my new makeup remover!

Megan Schilling
Best makeup remover

I’ve been using Olga’s makeup remover for a long time now and I’ll never go back to other products. It’s especially perfect for removing mascara - in such a sensitive area, I want to use the best quality products that are organic. Olga answers this need!

Best makeup remover!

This makeup remover is great, gets makeup off nicely and leaves your face feeling soft, not dry, love the clean ingredients, the castor oil is a plus in it, as it helps your eyelashes grow, a must have and a great price!!!

Love this!

This works great! It is reasonably priced. I love that it conditions your eyelashes too! I will definitely buy it again.

Lauren V.
Love it!

I love this make up remover! It gets the job done and my skin has improved by using this instead of the wipes that have a lot of chemicals in them! Thank you Olga’s Organics!!


This makeup remover is awesome! It’s the most clean, affordable option, and it actually works!! I put a little on a cloth and it takes all my makeup off so easily and leaves your face feeling soft, not dry!! Smells good and love that it’s so clean and organic! Lasts quite a while too :)


I love everything about this makeup remover! It removes mascara and face powder or foundation effortlessly. It makes my skin feel soft and nourished due to the amazing organic oils. You really owe it to yourself to try this product. Your face will thank you!!!!!

Organic Makeup Remover.

I love the new makeup remover and the cotton rounds. I have tried so many makeup remover sheets and have not found one I like. Thank you for making this wonderful makeup remover. My face feels so much better even after only using it for one week.

Trapper McCammon
The Perfect Gentle Makeup Remover!

This makeup remover is perfect! I have absolutely zero stinging, irritation, or redness whenever I use this product. It takes off all makeup, even face powder, like a dream when paired with the reusable cotton rounds. You won’t regret buying this!⭐️

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