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Get that GLOW! Olga's Organic Face Toner has been specifically formulated to give you the best possible treatment for your skin. Close your eyes and let the mist envelop your senses. Inhale the deep notes of Rose, the most calming and luxurious scent profile on earth; in its Organic form of course. Like your toner to be colorful? Sorry, no toxic food colorings used here! Only pure, powerful, pristine plants. Check out the Key Ingredients below to learn more!


Key Ingredients & Benefits

Organic Rose Hydrosol is amazing for the face, loaded with Vitamin C which boosts collagen production and prevents aging. Contains high amount of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help aide in keeping skin tight, glowing and reduces redness.

Organic Witch Hazel tightens pores, reduces inflammation, and fights acne. It can even provide you with a more even skin tone.

Organic Geranium Hydrosol gets an A+ for all these “A” benefits: Anticoagulant, Antiviral, Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory, and even Antidepressant due to it’s amazing scent.

Organic Chamomile Hydrosol provides your skin with the calming agent it deserves. Known for its relaxing properties, Chamomile also great for sensitive skin, easing irritation and soothing skin.

Olga’s Organic Face Toner is USDA Organic Certified, Made with 100% Organic Ingredients, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Made without Parabens or Phalates, Food Coloring, and Never Made with GMOs.


Ingredients: Rose Hydrosol*, Witch Hazel*, Geranium Hydrosol*, and Chamomile Hydrosol*. *USDA Certified Organic Ingredient.

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Refreshing Rose Face Toner
Another Olga's Must Have Product!

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