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- Organic Certified Loose Face Powder - Translucent
- Organic Certified Loose Face Powder - Translucent
- Organic Certified Loose Face Powder - Translucent

- Organic Certified Loose Face Powder - Translucent

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With Olga's Organics Loose Face Powder, you know what is in your makeup. It includes the finest organic ingredients in the USA. The "heavenly smell", and smooth and even application is what sets Olga's Organics Loose Face Powder apart. Add to your cart now and start experiencing the true powers of our USDA Organic Certified small batch Loose Face Powder. We are also proud to let you know that our powder is the 1st USDA Organic Certified powder in the USA.

Product weight 0.35oz - 10.00g

Please see our Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep ranking in the top right corner of our cover image. All of our products are ranked 1-2 which is the best possible ranking a company could get. To check out our profile on EWG click here.

      Translucent - Compatible with all skin tones from the light and fair to dark. If you are uncertain which shade to pick, this one is your safest bet.

      Light - Compatible with light to fair skin tones.

      Medium - Compatible with fair to medium dark skin tones. This powder can also be used as a bronzer on lighter skin tones.

      • After moisturizing add on the face and neck
      • Please be sure to let the moisturizer fully absorb into the skin - otherwise the powder may not apply evenly onto the skin
      • Best if used interchangeably with our Vegan Kabuki Brush

            Arrowroot Flour*, Cacao Powder*, Cinnamon*, Nutmeg*, Bentonite Clay, Ginger*, Lavender Essential Oil*, and a proprietary blend of Non GMO Vitamin(s) and USDA Organic Oils - at least 95% USDA Organic or above. (VEGAN)

            *USDA Certified Organic Ingredient.

            • Arrowroot Flour: Makes skin silkier and smoother by enabling it to absorb moisture. Rich source of Folates and Vitamins A and C
            • Cacao: Includes vitamins C and Magnesium that protect the skin and keep it hydrated
            • Cinnamon: The anti-bacterial properties enhance and fight skin dryness
            • Nutmeg: A natural astringent which provides relief with skin blemishes and acne
            • Ginger: Contains around 40 antioxidant compounds that protect against aging
            • Bentonite Clay: Causes accelerated healing and nourishment to the skin



            Customer Reviews

            Based on 35 reviews
            Best face powder ever!

            Olga’s Organics has the best loose face powder. I love the feel of it on my face and it smells wonderful. I recently ran out of it and had to use another brand. It was awful and I couldn’t wait until I got my order from Olga. I now have an extra one on hand because I’m not going to run out again.

            Best ever!!

            This loose powder is the ONLY one to touch this face! After years of piling on bad makeup, my skin was starved, suffocating and loaded with toxins. After settling into a fresh new lifestyle, I knew my makeup had to follow suit! Now, with Olga’s Organics, my skin is healthier and smoother than ever. If radiance is what you want, search no further! ☀️

            Best Pure, Non-toxic Face Powder Ever!

            I have hyper-sensitive skin so seldom if ever actually wear any sort of make up (I’m just not inclined to try to cover up my skin). I am of Irish ancestry and thus have paler skin tending toward pink undertones. I never mind this at all - but on occasion I may want to “down play” the pink undertone if it (sporadically) becomes more of an “over tone” than an “under tone.” That has been a challenge as heretofore most fave powders contain talc and other equally less-than-stellar ingredients — all which only serve to irritate my skin (with either itchy rashes or acrual break-outs). Recently, I rather serendipitously discovered Olga’s Organics face (loose) powders and (loose) blusher powders as well as Olga’s lip colors. In a word: Saviors!

            These are - simply put - the best, most pure, least-likely-to-spur-a-negative-skin-reaction products I’ve ever run across in my 56 years of living. Finally - I can now (happily) opt to wear face powder whenever I want to - and it looks great, feels great, wears fantastically - with zero sensitivity.

            Alert the media, folks — this is - hands down - THE BEST!

            Thanks Olga’s Organics!

            Can't live without!

            If there was only one product I could buy for the rest of my life - it would be this Face Powder! Its light, airy and works wonders! HIGHLY RECOMMEND !


            I will definitely order again. I have already passed the website to my coworker.

            Cleanest makeup ever!

            I am so in love with Olga’s Oraganics! Olga’s products are the cleanest I have ever found and the quality is outstanding! They smell so good as well as look beautiful and I love the eye shadow colors! The translucent powder is perfect for my low maintaince fair skin!

            I love this face powder!

            I recently purchased Olga’s transcluscent face powder and oh my gosh is it good! It so finely milled and I love that it’s free from any bad ingredients. It sets my makeup so well and keeps the oil away without making my face look cakey or dry. It’s a beautiful product and I can’t wait to try more from Olga’s brand!

            Pure Goodness

            It is not easy to find a good natural makeup foundation powder, so when I tried Olga's Organics translucent powder, I was immediately taken by how well it covers lightly on my face , with that natural look, not cakey at all. The ingredients used are Pure Goodness, such as arrowroot powder that naturally controls my Tzone shine tgroughout the day. I have now bought 2 other foundations for my teenaged daughters because i know that they also will be putting pure goodness on their skins! Love the kabuki brush applicator too- must have !

            I love this set!

            Everything in this set is amazing, no joke. I love the quality of the brush. The whipped body butter is so luxurious, I put it everywhere. The loose face powder is one of the best I’ve tried to set my makeup.

            Love, love, love these products!

            This face powder has a very subtle delicate scent, it feels protective and yet no powdery look to it at all. I am very pleased and will definitely recommend to others.