After researching the linkage between carcinogens found in most skin care products and cancer, I immediately set out to protect myself from the toxins that I used in my daily products. My daily routine was filled with toxins!
Considering the skin is our biggest organ, and up to 70% of everything we put on it gets absorbed into our bodies, I went out to find products that were Organic, Non-GMO, Paraben free, Petrolatum Free, BHA free, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) free, Vegan, and most importantly never tested on our animal friends; but I couldn’t find it out there anywhere, so I created it!

I challenge you to Rethink Your Beauty Routine! Look at the ingredients on the products you use daily and ask yourself if they are the best you can do for health. If they are, great! Good job, and way to make your health a top priority. If not, I welcome you to try out any of our products. We have great customer service and all excellent reviews!
Much love,