Open a jar of Olga’s Organics face powder and a delicious scent will waft upward to your nose, smelling faintly of cinnamon and nutmeg, with a dash of rich cocoa, too. For anyone who’s used to conventional makeup, it’s shocking for a product to smell so good, so edible. You have to resist the temptation to lick your finger and stick it into the powder (although, if you did, it wouldn’t hurt). Welcome to the world of green, clean cosmetics – the way all cosmetics should be made.

I had not yet found an organic line of beauty products for myself that I loved.  Until now! Enter Olga's Organics. Olga’s Organics is just the right beauty line for someone like me! I can appreciate the simplicity of her essential beauty products, and feel confident that everything she makes will be safe for my family, safe for the environment, and smell and fell amazing on my body.

The first USDA Organic Certified Loose Powder in the USA! It goes on so smooth, smells great and feels very natural. Personally, I love not feeling caked on with makeup so I find it to be the perfect balance of coverage... READ MORE by clicking on the icon above.

No matter what foundation I have tried this with, primer or no primer,  I always have the same beautiful results.  I only need to apply it once a day, whereas some of my other favorite powders I may have to apply 2-3 times a day... READ MORE by clicking the icon above.

The whipped body butter is another must. This USDA Organic Certified Whipped Body Butter is truly "the cream of the crop." With therapeutic properties in the essential oils used. Great gift for yourself,  and others... READ MORE by clicking the icon above.

Also USDA Organic - this is one of the best body butters I have ever used. The Fresh Mint scent is extremely refreshing, and it works great for sunburns & back rubs! Going to try to get one of those right now, actually... READ MORE by clicking the icon above.

I tried the Loose Face Powder and immediately felt that it stuck to my face like silk without the cakey or powdery feel. The itchiness and dryness I usually feel was non-existent. I’ve been wearing it daily ever since. Really... READ MORE by clicking the icon above.


I get extremely dry hands in the colder months and; as we are just coming out of freezing temperatures here in Manitoba, it is crucial that I have reliant skin care. For my first use, I put this product on on my hands and arms and left it over night. By the morning I felt like a new person- not literally, but you know what I mean. Everything was so soft and smooth. I don’t know this soft hands Quinn very well, but I already love her... READ MORE by clicking the icon above.



Customer Reviews

This is a true story: I stopped using powders on my skin because my T-Zone gets flaky with them. Including organic, non-toxic ones. I hesitated but I bit the bullet to buy this product, Olga's Organic Powder with the Kabuki brush, after looking at the ingredients. I have finally found the silky, healthy, nontoxic powder that does not dry my t-zone. I wore it all day without foundation on purpose to test it, and by 9 p.m. it still looked smooth as silk and non-greasy, non-cakey. And it's good for your skin! :) - Happy Customer. 

- Connie B. (California)

I was just given some body butter and it is absolutely amazing! I love the creamy whipped texture. 

- Crystal M. (Colorado)

I learned about Olga's Organics from a friend who lives in Colorado. I ordered a sample pack of the Organic Loose Powder. I absolutely loved it and just received my order of the color that will work for me. I have used many powders over the years but this the very best. It glides on so smoothly and looks so wonderful. My order was processed very quickly and I absolutely love the notes I receive from Olga herself. A very nice touch. Thank you also for the sample of your body butter.

- Connie R. (Nebraska)

Just got my ylang ylang body butter and mineral face powder! Love them both! The body butter is just that, smooth like butter with an amazing sent. Plus, the powder gives such a natural look. It's nice to know I'm actually doing good things for my skin with this makeup. If you haven't tried these products, you're missing out.

- Emily T. (Colorado)

I love love love The Grapefruit Lavender whipped Body Butter my skin feels wonderful and the smell is amazing and thank you Olga for meeting me I'm so glad to have met you in Carbondale!!

- Daniela K. (Colorado)

I bought Olga's Organics face powder for my daughter for Christmas. She called me the other day to rave about it! She was buying her powder from a retail store and threw it in the trash. From now on, only Olga's will do. The fact that is it organic makes for a healthier lifestyle and it's so light and sheer, it's amazing she said. Thank you, Olga!! 

- Mary R. (New Jersey)

I have been looking for a TRULY organic mineral (powder) foundation for literally years. I have found my new best friend in make-up! I don't like to cover up my skin typically, but for the times when I want to dress up... I want the quality of what I am putting on my skin to match what I would put in my body. (and I'm a picky gal!) This loose powder is made with the BEST ingredients!! I am completely impressed with the coverage, smell and feel. It is looks great, feels like silk and smells like heaven.. and yet it is still lightweight. The service was also fantastic! I received my order promptly, with a lovely handwritten note. Count me in as a life-long customer. Thanks for bringing real 'organic' integrity to make-up! 

- Aurora S. (North Carolina)

I love the translucent face powder! It is light and beautiful- I feel better about having this on my skin. It smells nice too.

- Nicole C. (Colorado)

Olga's Organics' new Whipped Body Butter is by far the best body butter I have ever used. The fresh mint scent is divine, and makes for great back rubs. This butter moisturizers like no other, and has a very smooth touch. HIGHLY recommend giving this product a try!

- Natalie K. (South Carolina)

This body butter is very high quality. Great ingredients and smells delicious. Also sampled other flavors that smelled great as well. It goes on really smooth and melts into your body. Love it!

- Samantha S. (Illinois)

Best body butter ever. I loved the smell and the texture of the body butter. It makes wonders with my dry skin. Only after few uses I got rid of cracks and ashy skin on my legs.

- Cristina D. (Florida)

Wonderful Kabuki Brush. I am lovin' this thing! The handle is the perfect length! Long enough to hold, but short enough to fit in a small makeup bag. It's so soft and does a magnificent job of spreading my powdered bronzer!

- Stefanie S. (Connecticut)

Amazing Products. Thank you so much Olga! I am loving my new Body butter and powder. You are such a kind and sweet person. Your sweet heart shows through in your amazing organic products. The smell and the feel is heavenly.

- Melissa M. (Colorado)

I took my USDA Organic Loose Face Powder in Medium with me to Florida and it work amazingly at keeping my face shine free. I went to Disney Land and walked around in 88 degree temps and the face powder held up to the challenge. The added bonus is this product is USDA Organic, so I do not have to worry about any toxic ingredients! This powder has quickly become 1 of my staple products. Thank you for making such an amazing product.

- Shontell E.

Medium shade loose face powder and ylang ylang body butter. Both of these products are wonderful! The organic cream is the best, most moisturizing face cream I have found and it smells delightful. I love knowing that there is nothing toxic in any of Olga's products.

- Karen K. (Colorado)

Olga's Organics makeup is in one word, divine! I have been wearing it daily for 2 weeks and I absolutely love the way it makes my skin look and feel. What I love most about this makeup is the heavenly smell! I will never go back to my old make up. Thank you Olga!

- Summer L. (Colorado) 

This is a face powder; I can really put my skin behind. It makes me feel like a goddess, and helps me to relax. What an incredible sensory treat for both the skin and the nose. As soon as you’ve brushed this decadent powder onto your face, you immediately get a wiff of the lavender/chocolate aroma. I am in love with the pure simple and organic ingredients. Also, keeps oil at bay, Bey ;)

- Rachel L. (Florida)

Olga's Organics is an amazing company that provides top quality cruelty free products. I recently received a set of the makeup brushes and the light lose face powder. The packaging was beautiful and everything came as described. Once I opened the powder I got so excited about the lavender smell. Every time I put it on, there is a subtle smell that makes me so relaxed in a hectic morning! The brushes are surprisingly soft and smooth for synthetic fibers; I was very impressed. Thank you so much Olga's Organics for providing such a perfect cruelty free, vegan brand I can purchase from!

 - Leah R. (Wisconsin)

I am definitely loving this face powder! The ingredients really do leave your skin feeling so soft. I would say I have normal skin, it can get a bit dry towards my chin, and then oily around my t-zone. This powder reduces the oil around that area and keeps it feeling soft all day long. It makes me want to touch my face all day, since it is so soft;) I also love that I don't have to use a lot of the powder on my face - I hate that "cakey" makeup look and like to let my freckles show. I have the medium powder and think it is a little light for my complexion, as I get a lot more tan towards the summer time. No complaints otherwise! :) I can't wait to use more products!

- Sarah N. (Colorado)

My fellow oily-skinned beauties, have I got a treat for you! Frustrated having your makeup melt off your face or carrying a barrage of blotting papers everywhere? Keep reading.... People always tell me not to complain about having such oily skin. "oh, you won't wrinkle as early"-they say. "You are so lucky", they say. I never felt lucky.... Fortunately, my years of battling myself and my oily skin have evolved into a calm understanding. Going green is the best thing that has ever happened to my skin but I still struggle with makeup sometimes. The process has been a long one. A major staple in my makeup kit has long been a mattifying powder. First, I had a long love affair with a MUFE mattifying powder and then discovered Laura Mercier's setting powder which in my opinion is the BEST non-green powder that I have ever used for oily skin. I have used it for years & have repurchased more than any other makeup product. I say that to tell you how huge this is for me.... I am finally replacing my Laura Mercier powder with.... Olga Organics Loose Face Powder. This powder long-lasting, doesn't cake and isn't drying. I have never found any "clean" product that controls my oil as well as this. I have been testing a sample of the "Translucent" shade which is actually translucent and is untraceable on my skin. I have used is on bare skin, over sunscreen and over a full face of foundation and it worked beautifully every time. My makeup lasts longer (at least 4 hours without a touch-up) and sets to a sort of mild, beautiful sheen. I plan on buying a full-size of this post of gold as soon as it's available! It's so amazing!

- Natasha E. (Florida)

Olga's Organic loose face powder is a definite 5-star product!!! It is silky smooth and the fragrance is heavenly!!! And since it is handmade from all organic ingredients, I know it is good for my skin!! I have to admit that I am a "mature" woman with obvious signs of aging and this face powder doesn't settle into my lines/wrinkles like some other products do. Time to throw out the old makeup!!! Thank you, Olga's Organics, for making such an amazing product!

- Kathy F. (Iowa)

I love Olga’s Organics Translucent Face Powder. It’s absolutely exquisite from the ingredients to its staying power. I use this product to set my face makeup and tone down any oiliness. This product blends seamlessly and gives my skin a silky, matte and natural finish. It also smells lightly of lavender, which is very relaxing. If you’re looking for a great cruelty-free and vegan face powder that’s as good for your skin as it is for the environment, this one’s a real winner!

- Angelique S. (Canada)

Love it! I have been wearing the translucent loose power for the last few weeks. My skin can be quite sensitive; it tends to get dry with some products. My skin has NOT become dry by using her product. I use it over my foundation and love the results. Thanks Olga for being thoughtful in every detail...down to the fact that it smells wonderful! I look forward to other products that you create in your line.

- Stacie S. (Iowa)

Well....welll...welll.....where do I began!!! I am soo in love with this powder! I have worn this everyday now for over a week! When I received it being excited was an understatement...The packaging.... the cute personal message... the pamphlet.. the smell.. I am an oily girl year round but with this powder, it gives me a nice glow with a healthy dewy finish... no more oil slick pallet. And what a convenience, I put this on with mascara, lip gloss and I look like I am fresh up from a great nap lol...Not to mention my skin is uber soft!!! Thank you...thank you!

- Qiana J. (Texas)

I love the loose powder as my bronzer. I have fair skin and it is be perfect sun-kissed color. After comparing ingredients to my previous bronzer to Olga's ingredients, I didn't have to think twice! I've been telling my friends to try for themselves and switch too. Thank Olga for such a wonderful product!

- Annie D. (Colorado)

I love my Olga's Organics face powder. I have used liquid for years and was nervous about switching but I have not regretted it for a second. I love the quality, the safe ingredients used and the light Lavender scent is great too. The packaging is amazing & these products would be great for gifting. Olga is an absolute sweet heart who is so passionate and knowledgeable about what she does! I can't wait to see what products come out in the future! If you have been wanting to make the switch to organic make up definitely try Olga's Organics.

- Katie L. (Colorado)

I am not someone who often wears make-up, so when I do, I prefer it to be subtle and of high quality. Olga's Face Powder meets that, and then some. I purchased the Translucent at the Basalt Farmer's Market, and Olga's husband (who's name I've unfortunately forgotten) was very knowledgeable of the product and it's benefits. I didn't plan on buying it, but he sold me, and I'm glad he did. I cannot wait for Olga to come out with more products! Definitely worth the buy!

- Avalon G. (Colorado)

My epidermis tends to the drier side of skins. In my quest for remedies I came upon the effective Shea butter. In search of Shea butter I found Olga's whipped Shea butter. This product is wondrous in keeping my skin healthy, happy and vital. I use it daily. Thank you Olga!

- Takeo O. (Colorado)

I LOVE this product. All I have to use in the morning is a moisturizer and Olga's Light Face Powder before I head out the door. Easy to use, and pack!
Adventuring with some girl friends, I jumped in the river. Reemerging I could smell the ginger, cacao, and cinnamon Mmmmm. Never again will I use another product.

- Natalie F. (Colorado)

Loving this organic face powder! Smells lovely! And really combated shine. Very silky!

- Shaan J. (Kentucky)

I got the grapefruit lavender body butter and it's fantastic. For real. I put it on after my shower and my skin was amazing. Thank you! (I wish I had bought 5 more)

- Sarah S. (Colorado)

I love my Olga's Organics Loose Face Powder! Over the last few years I've been trying to swap out my products for more natural options but it has been difficult finding products that are 100% natural (not to mention organic) and effective. I have oily, acne prone skin which doesn't always react well to new products, but this never caused me to break out - in fact my skin looks better since I've started using it! I wear this every day over a tinted moisturizer and it does an amazing job of keeping my skin from getting shiny. I definitely recommend!

- Megan R. (Iowa)

I use Olga's translucent face powder as a setting powder over tinted moisturizer. I have spent years looking for a powder that would last and keep my face matted all day, and when I tried this powder I was AMAZED. Not only is the scent lovely and the tint great for so many skin tones, but it stays put for the entire day and I don't have to worry about my face getting oily and having to reapply. Also, the customer service is fantastic and you can really tell how much Olga cares for her business and customers.

- Sabrina Z. (Colorado)

Olga's body butter is not only good for your body its great for your face too. I have extremely sensitive skin and never had any irritation. I've been using it primary as my my face moisturizer and absolutely love it. Thank you Olga

- Shanna F. (California)

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