Open a jar of Olga’s Organics face powder and a delicious scent will waft upward to your nose, smelling faintly of cinnamon and nutmeg, with a dash of rich cocoa, too. For anyone who’s used to conventional makeup, it’s shocking for a product to smell so good, so edible. You have to resist the temptation to lick your finger and stick it into the powder (although, if you did, it wouldn’t hurt). Welcome to the world of green, clean cosmetics – the way all cosmetics should be made.

I had not yet found an organic line of beauty products for myself that I loved.  Until now! Enter Olga's Organics. Olga’s Organics is just the right beauty line for someone like me! I can appreciate the simplicity of her essential beauty products, and feel confident that everything she makes will be safe for my family, safe for the environment, and smell and fell amazing on my body.

The first USDA Organic Certified Loose Powder in the USA! It goes on so smooth, smells great and feels very natural. Personally, I love not feeling caked on with makeup so I find it to be the perfect balance of coverage... READ MORE by clicking on the icon above.

No matter what foundation I have tried this with, primer or no primer,  I always have the same beautiful results.  I only need to apply it once a day, whereas some of my other favorite powders I may have to apply 2-3 times a day... READ MORE by clicking the icon above.

The whipped body butter is another must. This USDA Organic Certified Whipped Body Butter is truly "the cream of the crop." With therapeutic properties in the essential oils used. Great gift for yourself,  and others... READ MORE by clicking the icon above.

Also USDA Organic - this is one of the best body butters I have ever used. The Fresh Mint scent is extremely refreshing, and it works great for sunburns & back rubs! Going to try to get one of those right now, actually... READ MORE by clicking the icon above.

I tried the Loose Face Powder and immediately felt that it stuck to my face like silk without the cakey or powdery feel. The itchiness and dryness I usually feel was non-existent. I’ve been wearing it daily ever since. Really... READ MORE by clicking the icon above.


I get extremely dry hands in the colder months and; as we are just coming out of freezing temperatures here in Manitoba, it is crucial that I have reliant skin care. For my first use, I put this product on on my hands and arms and left it over night. By the morning I felt like a new person- not literally, but you know what I mean. Everything was so soft and smooth. I don’t know this soft hands Quinn very well, but I already love her... READ MORE by clicking the icon above.