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Organic Whipped Body Butter - Rosemary
Organic Whipped Body Butter - Rosemary
Organic Whipped Body Butter - Rosemary
Organic Whipped Body Butter - Rosemary

Organic Whipped Body Butter - Rosemary

Give yourself a luxurious treat with our incredible organic butter. Whipped to perfection, to allow your skin to truly indulge in the goodness of these super nutritious ingredients.  Our butter will melt into your skin and leave it soft and flawless.

Unlike regular lotion that can contain up to 90% water, our formula does not contain any water at all, so a little butter will go a long way. Plus you get more bang for your buck, who wants to pay for water anyways?

Our butters are so versatile, they can be used all over your body, during pregnancy, on your face, on your hair as a mask, as a shaving cream, to heal sunburns, treat eczema and dermatitis. Enjoy this butter as a healing super food for your skin.

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    Organic Whipped Body Butter - Orange Dream


    My skin was so thirsty until I received my order of Organic whipped body butter. I’ve tried so many different facial creams and moisturizers but my skin was longing for Olga’s body butter. I used this product before but stopped for a while because it was more convenient to get a moisturizer with a groceries order or other body care products somewhere else. And the results are just not the same. Other products just don’t give that long lasting hydrating feel. Plus knowing that not only am I keeping my skin moisturized but also nourished without the harsh and toxic chemicals (even though I don’t use the conventional creams) it still gives me a peace of mind. I use it in the morning before applying my make up and at night after removing my make up. And it’s literally a treat for my skin and my senses as the lavender scent is heavenly.

    First time trying this

    Yes, it is amazing.  I would definitely like to have a lifetime supply of this stuff!

    Body Butter

    Body butter from Olga's Organics is the best. It is smooth, smells good and best of all is made with organic products which is great for sensitive skin!

    Body Butter

    I love it! It’s pricey but totally worth it! I have eczema and cracked hands & feet, it keeps my skin moisturized. Great product! Thank you!

    Loved this Product!!

    I really enjoyed the consistency of this product. When I put it on my 10-year-old niece who has eczema after four days I noticed a significant difference in the patches of eczema on her skin. The moisturizer really stays on locked into the skin for all day moisture and leaves your skin looking silky smooth and Supple!

    Body Scrub & Body Butter

    Best products ever, so fresh and so clean!

    Body butter amazing

    Love how natural the ingredients are and how the body butter feels and smells!!

    Body Butter from Heaven!

    This body butter is amazing! The grapefruit lavender scent is heavenly. It smells authentic and natural, because it is! It makes your skin so wonderfully soft. This worked so well for me and did not cause acne or irritation. I highly recommend it!

    I bought the rosemary whipped body butter for my sister and she loves it, she even uses it in her naturally curly hair.

    The product is wonderful, but so is Olga’s customer service. There was a problem with my order and Olga very kindly and personably saw to it that I was well taken care of. I am so impressed by the care and attention she gives to her products and the people who buy them!


    I was very disappointed that it was melted when I received it. I put it in the refrigerator and it became solid and gritty texture. But when applied, it becomes soft. I like the product an would purchase again, in cooler months.