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Organic Body Scrub - Rosemary

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Take your ordinary every day shower and turn in into an unforgettable weekly indulgence with our USDA Organic Certified Body Scrub. Choose between our incredible citrusy scents of Grapefruit or Orange Dream, reviving scents of Fresh Mint or Chai, or the comforting stress relieving scent of Rosemary.

This product is deeply healing and rejuvenating. Rich in antioxidants that combat inflammation and soothe irritated skin. Regular exfoliation protects your body against toxins, while balancing natural oils and fighting acne.

Product weight 5oz - 141.7g

Please see our Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep ranking in the top right corner of our cover image. All of our products are ranked 1-2 which is the best possible ranking a company could get. To check out our profile on EWG click here.

Essential Oil Benefits
  • Sweet Orange essential oil can help with colds, colic, dermatitis, digestive system, heartburn, tissue repair and wrinkles.
  • Grapefruit essential oil can help with cellulite, depression, digestion, fatigue, jet lag, liver problems, migraines and stress.
  • Peppermint essential oil can help with arthritis, digestive difficulties, colic, headaches, heartburn and indigestion.
  • Rosemary essential oil lowers cortisol which is a stress hormone, therefore, protecting the body from chronic disease.
Ingredient Benefits
  • Cane Sugar: Exfoliates, balances natural oils, fights acne, and protects skin against environmental toxins
  • Shea Butter: Stimulates the production of collagen that prevents premature wrinkles, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging
  • Coconut Oil: Great skin moisturizer and natural sun screen, anti-bacterial
  • Sunflower Oil: Excellent source of beta-carotene and Vitamin A, which makes the skin less sensitive to sun, great source of Vitamin E which is rich in antioxidants

Cane Sugar*, Raw/Unrefined Shea Butter*, Coconut Oil*, Sunflower Oil*, and a proprietary blend of USDA Organic Essential Oil(s)* and USDA Organic Powders*.
*USDA Certified Organic Ingredient

VEGAN product
At least 99.99% USDA Organic

  • All over body after a shower or bath once a week
  • Can be used on different parts of the body multiple times a week
  • Great for shaving, however, please ensure the sugar crystals are washed off before using the razor
  • Excellent for exfoliating once a week all over body, or multiple times a week on different parts of the body.
  • Great for shaving after the sugar crystals have been rinsed off.
  • Despite the fact that this product is to be used in the shower, do not allow water to enter into the product. This will affect the expiration.

Customer Reviews

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My Favorite Body Scrub

Love the pure and natural scent of the body scrub. A product that doesn’t cause health issues because it is not loaded with harmful chemicals like most conventional body “care” products are but actually nourishes and heals your skin is absolutely a winner in my eyes.
This body scrub is a guilt free indulging experience and a treat to your senses. Love the rosemary powder in the body scrub. It gives it a nice natural green color and of course added health benefits. The texture of the body scrub is nice without being too oily or not having enough scrubbing density. The skin feels clean, rejuvenated, and has a nice moisturized dewy look and feel. Love! Love! Love it!

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