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Article: Why You Need To Know About GMOs

Why You Need To Know About GMOs - Olga's Organics

Why You Need To Know About GMOs

In this day and age, you’ve almost certainly heard the word “GMO” but are perhaps a little confused as to what a GMO actually is.

When people talk about GMOs, they are often referred to in relation to food, and how “these days many foods contain GMOS.” Even if you don’t know what in the world GMOs really are, chances are you try to avoid them, because you’ve heard they’re bad for your health.

So now to confuse you even more…

Did you know that GMOs are not only in foods, but in your skin care products too? Mind blown yet? Well, before you get too frazzled, keep on reading so you can finally figure out why you should avoid GMOs (as well as what it stands for!)

What Are GMOs?

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. GMOS are living organisms whose genetic material has been artificially altered in a laboratory via genetic engineering (GE). All you need to do is compare an organic fruit to a genetically modified one to see the difference for yourself!

I recall a very vivid memory from the past, one day I decided to buy USDA Organic Certified bananas instead of regular ones (a lot of conventional produce is genetically modified), and the difference in taste truly left me speechless. The USDA Organic bananas tasted SO MUCH better, I was really surprised (note this was before my realization that USDA Organic produce is more savory and is better for you). This is how my journey began, one banana one moment in the past that is now such a big part of my present.

To jump back to the GMOs, if you’re wondering why the need for GMOS, it’s simply to allow for bigger yielding and pest resistant crops. Think this only refers to food? Keep on reading…

Why are GMOS in my Skin Care Products?

You may be confused by the link between GMO crops and your skin care products, but because so many ingredients in skin care comes from plant sources, it’s inevitable that GMOs will find their way into your beauty products.

A few common examples are canola oil, soy and corn oil, which you’ll find in many moisturizers. Remember, lotions are a combination of water and oil, and the oil must come from somewhere. Many big name commercial companies, that produce products in large quantities, rely on GMO crops as they produce larger yields and protect the crop against pests and bugs.

How Can GMOs Affect My Health?

Because up to 70% of everything you apply to your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream, GMOs will eventually find their way into yours if you always purchase conventional products. GMOs can result in a whole array of health problems, ranging from mild skin sensitivities to more serious hormonal disruptions, accelerated aging, and even infertility. Remember, even if an ingredient doesn’t manifest physically, it doesn’t mean it’s not doing harm inside your body.

What to Look Out For?

The best way to avoid GMOs is to always read labels, and never be afraid to ask questions! Look for organic, antioxidant rich ingredients, as well as “GMO free” on the label. However, just because a product is GMO free, doesn’t mean that product doesn’t contain other nasty ingredients so always read your labels, and choose organic wherever possible.

Here at Olga’s Organics you can be sure you are receiving top-notch organic ingredients that feed your skin with love, rather than chemicals, and all our products are 100% GMO free!

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