Why USDA Organic?

The USDA Organic labeling and inspections have been around for over two decades ever since the 1990s. This new labeling and product handling came about due to the fact that consumers started to demand products made in more naturally resourced environments. Since then, a multitude of companies, including Olga’s Organics have decided to get their products USDA Organic Certified.

We believe USDA Organic Certified is the best option for your produce, as there have been multiple studies that show higher nutrient content in organic fruits and vegetables, and now through Olga’s Organics you can choose USDA Organic makeup and body care for your needs.

USDA Organic Certified always means the following:

  • Avoidance of synthetics chemicals such as:

              Food additives
              Use of sewage sludge

  • No genetic modification
  • Use of farmland that hasn’t been chemically treated for at least 3 years or longer
  • Maintaining a strict audit trail for all sales and production
  • Never comingling organic and non organic products
  • Undergoing on-site inspections

At Olga’s Organics our mission is to provide you with both makeup and body care products that are as close as possible to their initial origins, like shea butter from shea nuts, and almond oil from almonds. Unfortunately, the cosmetics industry is not very strictly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and over the years it has been uncovered that many ingredients in various conventional makeup are harmful for humans.

Therefore, we strongly believe it is critical to keep our ingredients’ integrity as close as possible to its original form and use what mother nature intended for us to have. Lab made ingredients are simply not an option for us, we resource ingredients that have been grown in the land and provide the most nutrients to you and your family.

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