5 Ingredients to Avoid in Cosmetics

Hands up if you’ve purchased makeup or any other beauty product without checking the label. Perhaps it’s because you aren’t aware that harmful chemicals lurk in your cosmetics, or maybe you’d prefer not to know simply because you have gotten used to a brand and love how it makes your skin look and feel.

We aren’t going to judge. We know how hard it can be to make the switch to natural products when you aren’t sure where to start, or when you fall in love with a specific product.

However, hopefully after reading this article you’ll be more motivated to ditch the chemicals and treat your skin to real, nutrient rich ingredients instead! Not only will your skin benefit in the long-term, but your health will thank you too.

Here are 5 of the worst ingredients to look out for:



BHT (Butylated Hydroxytulene) and BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole) are synthetic chemical preservatives, added to products to prevent bacteria from forming. While it’s obviously important to ensure a product does not develop bacteria, there are natural and safer alternatives available. These two nasty preservatives can create a whole heap of problems from chronic fatigue syndrome to possibly increasing your risk of cancer. Best to avoid completely!



Most of us have heard of this one, simply because parabens are the most widely used preservatives in cosmetics. We have a blog that goes in more depth about Parabens you can check it out here. The problem with parabens is that they are easily absorbed into the body, where they can mimic estrogen, a female hormone. This can then disrupt the hormonal system and even increase the risk of estrogen related cancers such as breast cancer. No thanks!


If you’ve ever applied nail polish, then chances are you’ve exposed yourself to this next toxic ingredient. It’s also found in shampoos, and even some baby liquid soaps, which is very scary, considering now that I am a mom and have my own little bundle that I need to protect. Formaldehyde may cause cancer if used in the long-term so be sure to check your labels before you buy, as well as throw out any current products you have that may contain it.



Ever wondered what’s responsible for creating that foamy lather when you shampoo your hair or brush your teeth? Sulfates are synthetic ingredients used as foaming agents in cosmetics. You may enjoy that foaminess of your shampoo or body wash, but you won’t like what it can do to your health! Sulfates are the most common ingredient to cause allergic or sensitive reactions in certain individuals. So, prevent the potential rash and itchy skin, and always choose sulfate-free!


Talc is found in baby powders, and in face powders thanks to it’s drying and mattifying effects. However, talc has been getting some negative press lately, as it’s been linked to cancer, and this alone should completely put you off this last toxic ingredient. You will never find Talc in our USDA Organic Loose Face Powders, which have a nice mattifying without causing any dryness or harm.

We hope this list helps you to take more notice of the products you apply to your skin. It’s simply not worth it, in our opinion, to expose yourself to potential cancer-causing ingredients when there are natural alternatives like our USDA Organic Certified products.

Our products are always made with at least 95% USDA Organic Certified plant based ingredients, and the other 5% are always natural ingredients, never synthetic or artificial.

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